Everyday every single person on this planet fights their own battle. Everyday every single person on this planet loses or wins at least one battle…

I have journals laying around my house like a journal hoarder, but writing my attention deficit disordered thoughts down on paper and leaving them in random places in my cozy little house does not help this complete and utter feeling of hopelessness I feel sometimes, go away. It makes it stick. These days it’s called depression, but doesn’t everyone suffer from it at one point or another in their lives? Everyday is a constant battle to stay positive, it is every human being on this planets battle to stay positive and some days we lose, but those days when we succeed in staying positive are oh so sweet and so worth it. Those days when you feel the love that people talk about, tweet about, blog about…those are the days you go to bed feeling like a child on a sugar rush only to be rudely awakened by reality at some point or another.

Just when you think, “Something is FINALLY going my way!”, the devil throws a curve ball, whether it is in the form of a negative emotion or something tangible (and this is where the optimists will say, “It is exactly at that point where you have to stay positive.” ) then your glasshouse is shattered and you have start rebuilding it all over again. At some point there is no more glass left…then what?

In the past months I have heard so many people say that they are worth so much more dead and the truth is that in monetary value that probably is so true, but then what about the people who have to live without that person? Why can everybody who is honest and hard working not just be happy and have everything they need without the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. We work to eat, we eat to work, we sleep to get up to go to work and we forget about everything else in life that is important. We are important! Not the money we make!

We say things like ‘material possessions mean nothing’ or ‘money is evil and I hate it’, and yet we cannot survive without it…or can we?

How many times have I wished I could go live in a tree house and produce my own food and live away from people and things and not have to worry about crimes, hate, hunger and all the hatred that fills this lonely world we live in. After all, we only live side by side, it no longer takes a village to raise your child because we try to keep our kids away from the other villagers and live in fear of our neighbours. We no longer raise well-rounded children with good morals and integrity because we are too busy trying to feed them. When did this become life? Why can nobody change this? Are there not enough people who care or is everybody just sitting around philosophizing about this and not spending enough time doing anything about it?

All of us can do something about everything that bothers us, but before we get around to doing anything we end up getting stuck in the rat race again making us forget for a while that we still wanted to make our difference. We have so many excuses, ‘I do not have the resources’, ‘I cannot make a change’, ‘I am too busy’, etc. We have too many excuses and not enough will power to really want to change what bothers us, until something tragic or bad happens to us.

It is easy to say prevention is better than cure but if we actually practiced what we preached we would not live in a world where you can no longer take your toddler to the mall without having to hold on to him tightly at all times just to make sure he does not get stolen. If we worked on changing this world with whatever we have (and I am not talking money here. Mother Theresa had nothing!) we would be able to take our kids to the park, or let them play outside until the street lamps go on, or go over to the neighbours house without having to worry. We would have kids who could spell! Kids with morals and integrity! I struggle to find teenagers with any of those attributes out there, what I have no difficulty in finding are girls who are dressed inappropriately, girls with nude selfies on the internet, boys with no respect, drunk teenagers whose parents do not know or care where they are and then we wonder why our teen was abducted, or raped, or killed in that car crash.

As cliché as this might sound it really is true that we need to be the change we want to see.

I realize how scattered and frantic this post must seem but if you got as far as this sentence it must mean that you know what I mean. With this said I want to challenge you and myself and my family to start doing at least one random nice thing per day instead of trying to change the world in massive ways. Have integrity, be honest no matter what the consequences and KNOW your child! Before you know it, it will have become a habit and we will have more nice people on our planet.