Growing up is easy, becoming an adult is the hard part. I keep thinking back to when I was a teenager and all those times that I wished that I was an adult, and now in the last year of my twenties, I find myself wishing that I was a kid again… I think it’s safe to say that many of us feel this way.

I have a whole drawn-out list of things I wish I could do, some things for the first time, other things all over again. Like playing in the mud, when we had such evocative imaginations that all we needed was mud or stones or a tree, but then I think of how difficult it would be to clean up afterwards and how absolutely ridiculous it would look if someone saw an adult playing in the mud, which just starts a  whole new train of thought like why do we care what other adults think of us? Do kids not matter more? Do we not have enough of our own dilemmas and complications?

This question brings me to my bucket list…

My bucket list is quite lengthy and I am guessing that now would be a very good time to start working on it. So here goes! I WANT TO:

1. Swing on a swing, like a kid (complete and utter stupidity, but harder than you think because all the parks that I have visited have huge “NO ADULTS” signs on them to prevent the drunken teenagers and students from breaking the swings and/or their necks. Not that a sign can stop a drunken student, chances are it will probably encourage a drunken student.);

2. Lay on the grass all day looking up at the clouds and not having to worry about whatever it is that causes me all this adult related mental pressure (you would think this would be easy only to realize that life is so freaking busy that you would lay there for five minutes only to have to get up again for an appointment or a work or family related obligation or something, there is always something);

3. Have picnics, all day picnics with the only technology present being a camera (firstly you would have to find the time and a spot where you won’t get mugged or attacked, in this enchanting land we call South Africa, which would be virtually impossible seeing as you cannot even go to the Botanical Gardens anymore without getting mugged or attacked);

4. Roller skate again (even though I know that this is probably the worst idea ever and that I could sustain injuries to muscles and bones I never knew existed);

5. Look at things like I am seeing them for the first time ever in awe and gape at people like a child (but if I did this people would probably get offended);

6. Go and explore without having to plan, just go wherever the car takes us, with the people I love the most (not entirely impossible but it would still take a little bit of planning which is so loathsome and yet you get people who plan to make plans);

7. Go snorkeling (definitely implementing this plan (tee hee)!);

8. Move to the ocean (been there done that, so going back and living there again!);

9. Read as many books as I can in one day (when my kids are grown ups and I am half blind…yes then I can do this);

10. Go bungee jumping, sky diving or do some or other dangerous but thrilling activity (but there is nothing worse than that feeling you get when you are falling);

11. Not hear or know about the news or any other violence or hatred happening in the world for at least a week (so this means I have to get lost at sea or go to the Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve and get lost in the jungle and be on the news);

12. Finish my bucket list before I die (there are way way way too many things to experience in one life time)…

This list will continue and be added to for years to come, but what it comes down to is that I just want life to be simple again, no drama, no crazy. I am not asking for easy I just want peace and to not have to worry about frivolous things like material possessions. Life is a paradox and it frustrates not only me but my five other personalities too!

If life was simpler we would all be happier and that is it, the one and only thing people want in life but can never find because we all think pointless “things” and money will bring us happiness, it will make it easier, but just think of how happy you can be if you can have nothing and still be appreciative and then have everything and still remain humble.

So here is to having nothing, being happy and making bucket lists!