I wasn’t entirely sure why I wanted to start this blog, but I have, and maybe the small bursts of love, anger and life will inspire a few souls to live more and love more.

It is strange how when you try to think of what it is you want to write about how many things you can find to complain about.

When I tried thinking of something beautiful to inspire and bring joy all I could find were small moments of happiness and laughter that really is inexplicable and difficult to put into words. Like the time my son cut marshmallows in half and stuck them all over his tiny little body…he came bounding into the room shouting, “Mommy, mommy! I am Marshmallow Man!”, priceless! I laughed myself into submission…or my baby who is so completely and hopelessly in love with my boyfriend that when he sees him all he can say is, “Hey Stephan!”. He is only two…terrible two…he was throwing the worlds biggest tantrum just the other day and I was walking up and down the hallway with him trying to be consistent and not giving in to his pleas for another bottle when all of a sudden my boyfriend appears in the hallway…well, he stopped screaming just long enough to say, “Hey Stephan!” flashing the cutest smile and as soon as Stephan disappeared he started screaming again.

My son Aidan suffers from ADHD and not the kind that gets diagnosed just because he is a busy pre-schooler, the real thing. He struggles to control his emotions and even though at times I feel like I should duct tape his mouth shut to prevent inappropriateness from falling out of his mouth like a hot potato, he is the cutetest freaking kid that our sweet Lord ever made. Random hugs and kisses make up for everything and my youngest, Nathan, is undeniably and irrevocably convinced that kisses can cure anything. I call him Captain Chaos because he has this tendency to hurl himself off of things like the bed, the couch, the side of the swimming pool…downright dangerous places, but he must have a gazillion angels watching over him because nine out of ten times he gets up giggling and tries to do it again much to his mothers dismay and for his older brothers amusement and approval,but when he does get hurt he simply walks or runs to his mommy (depending on whether it’s a foot or a head or a hand, if it’s a foot he limps to mommy) holding it up and as soon as mommy kisses it, it feels all better and any remaining tears dissipate.

I think this year I shall focus on these precious little moments that make life worth the massive effort it is and with this I shall blog about little bits of nothingness. Steven R. Covey says, “Live out of your imagination, not your history”, and I think this shall be my mantra.